February 15, 2013

"La Vida es un Soplo" (Life is a Breath) was a very special edition of Espacios de Arquitectura. The brazilian spirit from the fifties, the talent and clarity of Niemeyer and his long life along the XX Century as well as his legacy have stayed in our mind thanks to this great documentary film done by Fabiano Maciel. The journalist and attendant to the encounters, Michel Cruz has sent us a link with an article about Niemeyer written by him some time ago.


Manuel Shvartzberg from L.A. has been also part of this encounter with his article about the brazilian architect.

Our friend Izabel Tambasco has got the documentary subtitled in spanish for us and, as a brazilian, she offered us a delicious brazilian cocktail to share after the film. In fact, it was an unforgettable session.

January 25, 2013

Last Friday we have closed the Design Trilogy with the projection of HELVETICA, a film by Gustav Hustwit (Foster Studio), prsented by Graphic Designer Miriam Bidondo, whose clarity and close introduction helped us to walk easier along the documentary.

Many of us have discovered last Friday a new world related to typography. We thank Soli Arbulu, graphic designer who was at the meeting, as she has sent a "test" to see if we are capable to recognize Helvetica compared to its imitation created by Windows, the Arial.

Here is the challenge! http://www.ironicsans.com/helvarialquiz/

We hope you enjoy and please do not give up if result is not as expected. We imagine many of you have already set Helvetica in your computers. Welcome to Helvetica World!

October 5, 2012

Juan's presentation was full of information and reflections which opened the doors to a very complicated subject: the urban development. In this issue many disciplines are participating and interacting: architecture, design, policy and specially the human dimension, the user.

This film is a product from Foster's Studio, directed by Gary Hustwit. It resumes the development of the most important cities in the world. This film belongs to the Design Trilogy, as a starter for the reflection and value of the idea as basic element. The next session will take place next 9th of November at 13:00 with the second film of the trilogy: OBJECTIFIED.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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