May 4, 2012

He invents. He exagerates. He developes. He designs. This was the imnpression that Manuel shared with us through his so interesting article sent from L.A. The encounter opened with the reflection from Juan about life and work of this "artist-architect".

Thank you very much for have been there, taking part of this interesting session. Special thanks to Alfonso Castellón for sharing the Subtitled DVD for this session.

Next session: June 15th, 13:00. We look forward to seeing you there.

March 30, 2012

We have been together with Nathaniel Kahn in this marvelous journey searching his father, the great architect Louis Kahn, who left a mark in the history of architecture in the second half of XX Century.

His private life was as chaotic as his geniality.

During this session, we have had the great opportunity to know better the master, the father, the man, the architect and his work.

The experience was very emotional, revealing as we have discovered many things but we could feel how many others left forever in a deep mistery.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. We enclose a link with the complete film subtitled in spanish where you could watch it if you wish, specially for those who had to leave earlier.

February 10, 2012

This question and many others were answered along a documentary film where Norman Foster get closer to us telling about his private life, memories and feelings, his work, his passion for architecture and his worries about the future of the cities from his point of view, as a person that never gives up to challenges and always with an idea to go ahead.

The audience enjoyed a cocktail afterwards, where comments and reflections were shared.

This space that we have created for cultural encounters around architecture is developing as an important mark ini our friends and colleagues' agendas.

We are facing the third edition, coming soon next 9th of March at 13:30.

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